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Important settings for a website theme

- Although website theme is just a HTML template, but in order to be a valid website theme for uploading; you must have some imporant files to define your website theme.

- In this tutorial, we are going to show you all required and custom settings for a website theme.

Structure of a website theme

  • Theme-Zipped-File.zip
    • theme-settings.php (required)
    • theme-page-processor.php (required)
    • index.html (required)
    • preview.jpg (required)
    • screenshots-files (required)
    • custom-file.html
    • custom-folder
      • custom-file.css
      • custom-file.jpg

- First rule for website zipped theme file is all files & folders must be at root of zipped file, not at any sub-level.

- Second, your website theme must have at least 5 types of required files like structure beside.

- Default page of each website theme must be index.html, and must have a preview thumbnail & screenshots. Format of screenshots will be explained in theme-settings.php file.


- This file contains both required theme settings and custom website theme settings that allows users to change theme configurations in Website Management section.

- This file also contains PHP code to process users tasks on Website Management, such as setting new email of website owner, like example below:


- This file contains your PHP codes to process theme pages when it saved. You may use any library to finish your work.

- By default, we use PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser for processing HTML.

- You may check some examples below for processing HTML codes with this library.

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