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How to upload / edit a frontpage

- In order to upload or edit a frontpae settings, please follow simple steps below.

1. Use administrative account to perform

- Use your administrative account then go to Frontpage section then click on Upload Frontpage button at bottom-right of page to open popup for uploading or editing.

How to upload / edit a frontpage - Step 1

2. Start uploading or editing

- If you are uploading new frontpage, please enter an unique name for the new frontpage at Name input or just change to new name if you are editing.

- Click on Attach button to start uploading new frontpage package to server, for processing.

- If your frontpage package is valid, the file with green color shall display, or red message if your frontpage package is invalid.

- Select Active as Yes if you want to choose new frontpage as default immediately.

- Click submit button to finish uploading or editing

How to upload / edit a frontpage - Step 2

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